Valuing the Differences in Others

In my few years of being public about mediumship and healing I’ve noticed a common trend, one that at times can be challenging to navigate. The matter at hand is valuing differences in others. Rather than allowing our egos to take the forefront, it’s a more compassionate choice to meet people where they are, and to allow there truths to speak to you. You can then discern whether or not you should proceed to engage in sharing energy with them. As a community, it’s important to understand that everyone is at a different phase in there spiritual journeys, and I personally do not view it as levels for we all have different specialties and modalities, as we serve different purposes. After all we are “Together, not the Same”.

I’ve personally decided that moving forward this year I will no longer be utilizing cards for divination, as I’ve learned that they no longer align with me or my path. This doesn’t mean I disregard card readers. I have amazing and beautiful friends who utilize the cards in profound ways; which help people to heal by the messages they assist with conveying, and I love my pals very much. There are times when people will feel triggered with each other. I’ve experienced this myself throughout my journey, and there are also people who you are gravitated towards mainly due to spiritual contracts. These connections are always pretty significant, so it’s important to pay attention to them, looking deep enough to understand why you’ve fallen in love with someone’s energy, or why you choose to do the opposite and banish someone from your life.

I’ve had both instances happen, and I’m still standing. News flash it doesn’t really matter. You may remember someone from there past life, or a relationship you had with them, and it triggers you, to act in a specific way towards there energy. There is a great value in being different, and also being open to be triggered for remembrance, receiving activations; thus further learning, developing, and growing. When we transition from our earthly existence it takes time for some individuals to spiritually elevate on the other side of the veil. This is due in part to our own personal enlightenment and elevation here on earth.

The unwillingness to heal ourselves, to forgive, to release and to immerse ourselves in further education of any form; while we are here on earth makes our learning on the other side that much more complex. As not all energies can provide you with elevated, enlightened information when they transition. Some have a harder time separating from there earthly personalities, characters, and thought processes. It takes time for both spirit and ourselves to grow and transition so that we can accomplish the goals, tasks, missions, or journey we assigned ourselves to experience.

There is value in each experience, each friendship, each relationship, and each new thought process and idea that’s formed. It’s up to us to determine how we interact, process, and receive these energies. I find Value in each and every interaction I have, as someone who hears spirit, I can also hear there plea, and internal guidance to help others. I can also hear when someone is crying inside, and I try to meet them with love and understanding when they’re ready to receive it… Thus valuing differences in others…

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