Enora was born a medium and began to develop her intuitive skillset at just a few months old. She can first recall encountering angelic light beings as a little girl. One of which she would later grow to love and work closely with as a guide, far beyond the imaginary friend level. She became aware of her heightened senses by age nine, but experienced emotional repression due to extensive traumatic childhood abuse, causing her to disregard her psychic abilities in the years to come. Enora struggled with personal identification, and conflicting religious ideologies due to a forced Catholic upbringing. Although feeling misunderstood in her youth, she had a deep inner spiritual knowing beyond religious comprehension.
​Enora is many things to include a Psychic-Medium, Trance Channeler, an Angelic Communicator,  and a Ferrywoman able to feel the presence of oncoming death; thus, guiding the transition of spirit across the veil.
Enora has studied Reiki Energy Healing, 5D Quantum Healing, EFT/TFT, Hypnotherapy, Meditation, Shamanic Journeying, Remote Viewing, Evidentual Mediumship, and Physical Mediumship. She holds several spiritual attunement styles in her field. She is an Artist, Yoga Enthusiast, Blogger, Wife, and Dog Mom. Enora enjoys playing percussion instruments such as Native Medicine Drums, Rattles, Chimes, Rainmakers, Congas, and more. She incorporates these musical aspects into her everyday practice, Weekly Events, and Monthly Channelings.


Enora has mentored with several teachers from around the world. She has made it a point to further her natural abilities, by strengthening her knowledge of Metaphysical Practices, Spiritual Concepts, and Global/ Religious Belief Systems. She has studied Evidential Mediumship with Veronica Drake, Reiki Healing with Dawn of Your Wellness, EFT/TFT with Graham Nicholls, Shamanic Journeying with Sharon Ramel, Remote Viewing with Stacey Tallitsch, Hypnotherapy & Meditation with Dr. Karen E. Wells, Light Language & Psychic Boundaries with Dr. Suzan Rossi, 5D Quantum Healing with Axel Carrasquillo Msc.D., and Physical Mediumship with Rev. Stephen Herman.

Enora has studied Biology, Computer Science, Communications, Business Administration, Graphic Design, and World Religion. She is also an Ordained Minister for the Universal Life Church, (ULC). Fortunately, she's had the opportunity to work in the import/export and logistics field. She has been a contributor to the work done in the Global Pharmacological Clinical Research Industry, regarding investigational drug and device development, for over a decade.

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Reinvented Life

I am an activator, shining light and helping many overcome spiritual fears. I am also a viewer, writer, and speaker of Light Language - (Speaking in Tongues). I enjoy the study and practice of Curanderismo; which for me is Native Afro-Caribbean folk healing, and I have a focused interest in Native and Indigenous cultures. As an adult, I reinvented my life by pursuing a new spiritual path of meditation, holistic health consciousness, lifestyle modification, and spiritual learning. Much of my practices have been handed down through the Ancestors, Teachers, and other Practicioners.


My work as a Psychic Medium is greatly impacted by the mentorship of Veronica Drake, the guidance of Angel Erik, the friendship of Kim Voigt, along with the support and encouragement of several other beautiful souls in the healing community.

My Goal

Through My Higher Self, Spirit Helpers, and Mentors, my path was illuminated. I have taken the name “Enora” as it means to honor, which I have been doing, since April 2012, as a promise to my late father, Mr. E. Perez.

Ideally I would like to help establish spiritual awareness of psychic abilities, for those born wide awake in this era. I customize learning approaches and privately cater one on one to family units with unique abilities. I emphasize specific dynamics and provide spirit interaction techniques, such as establishing boundaries, safe everyday practices, distance energy demonstrations, and assisting in triggering the remembrance of spiritual communication for all. I was a lost child, with powerful abilities that were cultivated at a later point in my life. I would like to help others who feel lost, and are in need of support and encouragement to thrive, just as I once did.